Whether it is a birth certificate or a scientific report, our translators, editors and proofreaders ensure that every translation is as accurate and fluent as possible. We want your translated documents to read like originals. How do we do this?

Our translations follow a rigorous four step process.

Analysis - We discuss with you the purpose of a document and analyze the document for style, terminology and register. This information allows us to choose the best team of translators and editors and the best translation tools for the project.

Translation - All documents are translated as accurately and fluently as possible. Our translators are native speakers in the target language of each translation and have experience in its particular field. Wherever possible, our translators use specialized glossaries and the latest computer assisted translation tools (SDL Trados) to ensure the consistent management of terminology and quick turnaround times.

Editing - All documents are edited by editors who are themselves experienced Arabic <> English translators and native speakers in the target language of the translation. They review each translation for additions/omissions, word choice, style, register and other details that affect accuracy and fluency as well as punctuation and formatting, and make changes as necessary.

Proofing - All documents are proofed by proofreaders who are experienced Arabic <> English translators. They provide a second level of review so that you can be confident that the final product is a true and faithful rendering of the original text.

Upon request, we can also provide notarization. This is frequently requested for birth certificates, diplomas and transcripts and other documents submitted to consulates, schools and courts.